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Work At Home Business Opportunity - Be Your Own Boss
Work At Home Business Opportunity - Be Your Own Boss
Mialisa will make you change the way you think about jewelry ...forever! Introducing a whole new concept in jewelry. An idea that is fun to wear because of its interchangeable pieces and infinite possibilities. An idea that is easy to share because of its stylish beauty and the excitement it generates among women of all ages. We call it Versastyle! Become a Mialisia Designer and change your life ...forever! Mialisia Jewelry is the most anticipated and talked about home party pre-launch in a decade! Already exceeding growth expectations because of its exclusive "versastyle" patent-pending jewelry concept and competitive compensation plan! Joining now is important because the sooner you join, the more time you have to build your team before Mialisia launches nationwide mid-July 2013. The Mialisia Compensation Plan is one of the best in the industry including DYNAMIC COMPRESSION which is rarity in the home party business! The Dynamic compression feature searches down into your organization levels to find the "leaders" within your lineage needed for structure. So if your personal recruit (level 1) did not achieve a certain title/rank in a particular month, the dynamic compression feature will search into her downline (your level 2 or further down if necessary) to find someone who did and then compress them upward to your level 1 (for pay purposes). This provides a consultant a more consistent income and does not penalize the leader with reduced compensation should one of her personal recruits have a "tough" month. Easily Transform Your Passion for Fashion into Income! Launch your own business as a Milaisia Designer. Create your own style, on your own schedule. I am a Independent Founding Consultant and would love to be your sponsor. Contact me for more information or visit my website to sign up today ! Kelly Arnold Facebook www.facebook.com/glamnow Website http://karnold.mialisia.com