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Title Williston Basin Freethinkers
Description Are you an Atheist living western North Dakota? You're not alone! Visit WBF to meet others like you. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Williston-Basin-Freethinkers/186948941395950
a native from Williston says:

We call our corner of the world "God's Country" and quote phrases like "Another Day in Paradise", the Christians in this country are the only reason the USA is still the greatest country on earth. Our founding fathers got on there knees and prayed for direction from our Father Almighty. Who do you lean on? If you rely on your "freethinking" the rest of your life, I would hate to witness your story on Judgment Day!!! Eternity is a long time, wouldn't you rather spend it in Paradise rather than burning in hell?

a+j says:

Can't find the page. Hope to receive a response... with a comment like that, we fear the few voices we are listening and looking for may be just beyond our reach. :(

a+j says:

found the page... but not a facebook person.

TandJ says:

I can't find the page! Please let me know how to find you!