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Birth doulas accepting new clients
Birth doulas accepting new clients
“Doula” was originally defined in Greek as a “Woman Caregiver.” Today we use this word to describe a person who attends a mother-to-be in her labor and delivery. A doula is not a medical practitioner, but a source of birth information and continuous emotional and physical support. Doulas provide support to make every woman's birth journey her own and enable her power to give birth in the way that feels right to her. A doula can greatly enhance your experience in childbirth. Ready to look into hiring a doula for your birth experience? Call or email us to ask questions and to set up a brief initial interview! www.cyberdoulas.com Crysta - (701) 570-7021 Karli - (701) 770-8492 Or "like" us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cyber-Doulas/176141712437277